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Train and grow a skilled,
passionate team.



Offer more training

Maximize learning effectiveness


Increase in training completion

Drive customer satisfaction

Before implementing PeopleMatter, each General Manager had to track training and testing. Managing this centrally from our headquarters was almost impossible. Now, with PeopleMatter, we can standardize our training.

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Ensure companywide consistency

The entire [PeopleMatter] cloud is so amazing that you don’t have to have a physical file cabinet anymore. Offering shifts and training is paper-, headache- and hassle-free — it is a paper trail that never gets lost.
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How PeopleMatter LEARN Works

1. Build your content

2. Create just-for-you courses

3. Train your team

4. See how everyone’s doing

What you get in PeopleMatter LEARN


Create and manage unlimited courses on unlimited topics. Online courses make training consistent and convenient, companywide.


Measure comprehension with configurable tests that let you pick everything from question format to pre-reqs and are available 24/7.

LEARN Something™ courses

Get our set of free training courses for managers and employees that cover industry basics from safety to service.

Online training

Take training with you. Mobile learning tools let your team access training on the Web and track progress from their phones, 24/7.

Free mobile app

Stay up-to-date, even when you're on the go. Our free mobile app lets managers and team members track progress and assignments 24/7.

Business analytics

See what’s working and what to work on with reports that track training progress, comprehension and everything in between.

Content library

Access and add to a company content library that houses all employee training courses, videos, documents and more securely online.


Assign and track training by specific job, location, date, and more to keep team members focused on the right things at the right times.

Progress tracking

View completed and assigned courses, online and on your phone. Powerful filters show companywide results down to an employee.

Question pool

Pull from a company-shared question pool to quickly build tests and a bank of training best practices that your entire team can access.

Configurable settings

Control tons of LMS settings — from Categories to compliance workflows — based on your company’s specific structure, needs and goals.


Attach pre-reqs to training courses to build a curriculum. Team members always know what’s expected, and you know they’re prepared.


Tag courses with custom categories to keep all of your training organized and searching your entire learning management system simple.


Find specific courses, content, reports and more quickly, thanks to powerful filtering and search features built-in to our LMS.

Alerts and notifications

Send and receive real-time alerts and notifications for everything from new employee training courses to overdue assignments.

Content uploader

Upload training content to your LMS in video, PDF and SCORM formats — as much and as often as you want — all for free and all online.

Training communication

Keep team members and management updated, even when they're not in the store, via automatic, real-time communication tools.

Third-party content

Build out your content sourcing strategy with built-in content. Pre-made courses save you time and provide targeted industry training.

Contact list

Text, call or email team members instantly via our mobile contact list, when viewing overdue assignments, progress reports and more.

Admin dashboard

View a snapshot of all of new and important activity, action items, and reports from a learning management system admin dashboard.

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