Employee Onboarding Software

Simplify your onboarding process with HIRE’s built-in tools that automate all your tasks and paperwork.

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An organized, consistent onboarding process

Our online tools ensure everyone at every location follows the same onboarding process and fills out the right new employee forms.

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How onboarding works for hiring managers

1. Make candidate a hire

2. Send onboarding request email

3. Complete manager task checklist

4. Fill out and verify I-9 online

5. Track new-hire task completion

6. You’re all done!

How onboarding works for new hires

1. Get onboarding email and click link

2. Fill out I-9, W-4 and state tax forms online

3. View and complete task checklist

4. You’re onboard!

Paperless employee onboarding

Complete, sign and store all of your new employee forms and docs — like I-9s, W-4s, HR policies, handbooks and more — online.



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HIRE employee onboarding software allows you to complete, sign and store new employee forms online, so onboarding new employees is paperless.

Online tools

Electronic forms

Fill out I-9, W-4, state tax and tax credit forms online. Automated new employee forms and workflows simplify paperwork for everyone.

Automated workflows

Break down complicated onboarding tasks and paperwork with guided, step-by-step instructions for new hires and hiring managers.

Online document storage

Auto-store new employee forms and onboarding docs to a secure online library and find any of them quickly, anytime you need.

Online system

Complete the entire onboarding process online, before day one. Our web-based tools ensure companywide compliance and convenience.


Create instant employee records. ATS records auto-convert to employee WorkFiles, so data is consistent and there’s no double-keying.


Sign new employee forms electronically with e-Signature features, for a more organized, convenient and compliant onboarding process.

Applebee’s reduced day-one paperwork 92% and
saved $22,000 in onboarding printing costs

Company-wide compliance

Step-by-step instructions, task checklists, instant alerts and tons more simplify and standardize onboarding compliance.

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Before PeopleMatter, each location needed an HR person to ensure every form was correctly filled out and filed. Now I can easily oversee all our locations from one place.
Betsy Miller, Director of HR and Operations

Manage everything in one place

Complete all of your onboarding to-dos for all of your hires from one easy system that also lets you track their checklist progress.



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HIRE employee onboarding software lets you complete all of your onboarding process to-dos from one easy onboarding software system.

Onboarding tools

I-9 and E-Verify

Verify employees easily, instantly and all online. Built-in I-9 and E-Verify tools automate forms and processes for employees and managers.

Task checklists

Create, manage and track completely customizable task checklists for new hires, managers, and HR admins, companywide and by location.

Tax credits

Send required tax credit forms off automatically. Onboarding software collects and sends 8850 info from hires, so you can collect $1,000s.

Roles and rights

Control permissions for and from your onboarding software. Assign companywide defaults by role, or customize by location and employee.

Pay rates and ranges

Set pay rates and ranges by role, then keep managers in check when entering-in rates and payroll codes, with automatic compliance controls.

Re-hires and transfers

Bring team members — and their WorkFile — back on board quickly, with special onboarding workflows that recognize re-hires and transfers.

Company and HR forms

Upload and update unlimited new employee forms and policies to a secure online library that ensures everyone’s always using the right docs.


Share important onboarding data to and from your HRIS, payroll and other systems to avoid double-keying and ensure data consistency.

Onboarding reports

Run real-time reports that analyze onboarding metrics — like hire date, status and overdue tasks — companywide or by specific filters.

Having the entire application and hiring process — including assessments, I-9s, W4s and onboarding — through the PeopleMatter Platform has made the whole process move more smoothly. We have also seen a better applicant pool.
Amanda Norred, HR Director

Simple hiring workflow

An automated workflow captures key new-hire info — like hire date, status and pay rate — then sends a welcome email and onboarding link.


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HIRE employee onboarding software with hiring workflows send new employees a welcome email and link to start the onboarding process.

Proven onboarding results

Increased hiring efficiency

100% company-wide compliance

Decreased time-to-hire

Higher manager productivity

A demo’s worth a thousand words

Customize your onboarding process

Checklists let you attach your own PDFs, links, and questions to tasks, so new hires get all the basics and a feel for your brand.


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Employee onboarding checklists in HIRE let you customize your employee onboarding process by adding company-specific PDFs, links, and questions to tasks.

Onboarding communication tools

Mobile tools make it easy to send out new policies and messages to anyone or everyone at once, while keeping everyone compliant.


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Employee onboarding communication tools, like automatic onboarding process email templates managers can send when ready to start onboarding new employees.

Additional tools

Email templates

Send new hires a welcome email with a link to start onboarding online. Use our pre-loaded template or tweak it to sound more like your brand.


Auto-translate onboarding workflows and new employee forms into Spanish. Our onboarding software offers bilingual convenience and Customer Support.

Alerts and notifications

Send and receive real-time alerts and notifications to keep new hires, hiring managers and HR admins are on top of onboarding to-dos.

Companywide distribution

Upload unlimited docs like HR policies and employee handbooks to our online system, so everyone always and only has the right versions.


Post messages to a Facebook-like Newsfeed to give new hires a warm welcome and keep managers focused on corporate goals and initiatives.

Automatic updates

Get new features and compliance updates automatically. Our onboarding software keeps up with changing forms and reqs, so you don’t have to.

Instant, organized employee records

Applicant records auto-convert to an employee HRIS WorkFile for fast onboarding, accurate data and always-accessible ATS info.


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HIRE’s employee onboarding software auto-converts applicant records to employee WorkFiles.

Make the most of day one

Online onboarding tools get everyone ready before day one, so you give new hires a great impression instead of a pile of paperwork.


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Online onboarding tools get everyone ready before day one, so you give new hires a great impression instead of a pile of paperwork.

Easy-to-use features that save you tons of time

Increase employee onboarding efficiency with online tools that automate and simplify complex onboarding forms and processes.


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Employee onboarding software in HIRE automates and simplifies the complex onboarding process and new employee forms.

Onboarding tools for productivity

Filters and search

Find exactly who and what you need with powerful filtering and search features that look across your entire onboarding software system.


Complete new employee forms faster while increasing data accuracy. Onboarding software pulls in application data and fills it in for you.

Admin dashboards

See all new and important activity, action items and reports at-a-glance from a real-time employee onboarding admin dashboard.

Bulk actions

Manage multiple people and tasks at once with bulk action features that help hiring managers and HR admins get their jobs done faster.


Select actions via drop-down menus — in WorkFile records, QuickView profiles, I-9 dashboards and more — for a faster onboarding process.

Icons and color coding

See tasks and new hires that your need attention. Onboarding icons and color-coding highlight overdue I-9s, upcoming to-dos and more.

More proven onboarding results

Lower costs

Greater visibility

Higher engagement

More time

Drowning in onboarding paperwork?

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What You Get In PeopleMatter HIRE™

Mobile job application

Get more applicants and more productivity from managers with a completely configurable—and conveniently mobile—online job application.

Applicant tracking system

Hire the best candidates faster, without wasting time and money on everyone else, with powerful, configurable software.


Complete, track and store onboarding paperwork and to-dos online. Built-in tools make sure everyone's organized and compliant.

I-9 verification

Ensure 100% compliance across all of your locations with easy, automated I-9 and E-Verify tools for hiring managers and new hires.

Job boards

Post openings everywhere from CareerBuilder to Monster to Indeed instantly, thanks to our seamless job board integration.

Business analytics

Get visibility into how hiring is really going, in real time, at every level of your business, by running unlimited, configurable reports.


Pre-screen and benchmark applicants with easy, built-in tests scientifically proven to find right-fit hires for specific jobs in your industry.

Background checks

Get consent, run a check and control who can view results — on everything from criminal history to drug history — all within one system.

Tax credits

Make sure you get all of the money you’ve earned with online tax credit tools that make the entire process painless and paperless.

Document storage

Automate paperwork and worries. Important docs and edits automatically store to a secure online library for better compliance.


Find exactly who you need with powerful filtering and search features that let you sort by name, status, screening result and more.


Access important applicant paperwork and info from a single record that auto-stores, compiles and organizes across all locations.

Cross-location sharing

Share applicants and their WorkFile™ records with other managers, departments and locations, so you never miss out on great hires.

Alerts and notifications

Send and receive real-time alerts and notifications on everything from new applications received to overdue tasks.

Configurable settings

Customize HIRE with settings that let you add application questions, create special workflows, brand with your logo and colors, and more.

Hiring communication

Keep applicants, new hires and managers in the loop, in real time, through the whole hiring process via text, email, mobile app and more.

Facebook app

Turn Facebook fans into hires with our Join Our Team App. Visitors can view all openings and apply instantly, right from your page.


Sign and store documents electronically for fast completion and access. e-Signatures keep your hiring and HR forms organized and compliant.

Custom careers webpage

Create a custom careers page for your website, and increase applicant volume without increasing your workload.

Task checklists

Keep new hires and hiring managers on top of to-dos and deadlines with task checklists for hiring and onboarding.


Verify new hires instantly. Our hiring software fully integrates the federal E-Verify system for 100% compliance and easy case tracking.

Drug screening

Run drug tests on all new hires or just for specific roles, with smart, configurable screening tools for employees and managers.


Compare candidates’ assessment results against industry, role and company standards in free, easy-to-understand benchmark reports.

Email templates

Send automatic emails using our standard, pre-loaded templates in HIRE, or create your own and share them companywide.

Admin dashboard

View a snapshot of all of new and important hiring-related activity, action items and reports from from an easy-to-use HIRE dashboard.

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