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Reduce labor costs

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Optimize employee shifts

With PeopleMatter, we can create a schedule and then easily drill down to areas where we may have missed our budgeted hours. Labor costs account for the majority of a restaurant’s expenses. If I can save even one percent a year by more efficiently scheduling labor, I have greatly impacted our bottom line.

Concentrics Restaurants


Reduced employee schedule-creation time

Increase overall satisfaction

Having multiple schedule communication options is great. You don't always have access to cell service or Internet, plus, when we used Google Docs for scheduling, people could write over a shift offer, write a name in the wrong spot or delete someone. PeopleMatter offers a lot of fail safes that prevent slip-ups and ensure our employees have access to their schedules.

Franklin Restaurant Group

How PeopleMatter SCHEDULE Works

1. Make the schedule

2. Let everyone know

3. Coordinate changes

4. Make it better

What you get in PeopleMatter SCHEDULE

Schedule maker

Create and publish optimized weekly schedules quickly and online, with easy-to-use creation tools and built-in labor cost management.

Scheduling communication

Keep your team in the loop and find last-minute fill-ins fast with six easy ways to post schedules and communicate changes, including via text.

Shift changes

Coordinate and communicate shift changes, 24/7. Powerful scheduling software lets employees do the work and keeps managers productive.

Target labor controls

Set scheduling budgets and controls — by day, week, department and more — then see exactly when and where you’re not hitting your targets.

Hourly thresholds

Control overtime and health care costs with features that let you set custom scheduled-hours limits and ensure managers stick to them.

Business analytics

Run real-time reports to find ways your employee scheduling can run better — from the employee level up to a company-wide view.

Employee sharing

Share employees companywide. Platform technology pulls hours and availability across all jobs and locations for maximized accuracy and efficiency.


View employee availability across all jobs, locations and requests, so you see exactly who’s able to work when creating and managing schedules.

Labor cost calculator

Stay ahead of labor costs with a real-time calculator that displays scheduled dollars and hours totals by employee, role, location and more.

Employee levels

Balance shift coverage with levels features that let you create your own classification and view when adding employees to the schedule.

Configurable settings

Set and update employee scheduling controls — from what day schedules start on to request workflows — quickly, easily and all on your own.

Time-off requests

Send, respond to and track time-off requests quickly, easily and on-the-go with mobile tools for employees and managers.

Blackout dates

Restrict team members from requesting time off during your busiest times. Create unlimited blackout periods, companywide or by location.

House shifts

Add an unassigned shift to weekly schedules to keep hourly totals accurate, then fill it from an easy employee picklist whenever you’re ready.

Early out/Close

Hide shift start and end times from employees and specify instead that someone is scheduled to work until “close” or as an “early out.”

Alerts and notifications

Send and receive real-time alerts and notifications to ensure admins, managers, and team members are always up-to-date and compliant.


Build and share unlimited scheduling templates from scratch or from past weeks, so you’ve got proven plans for holidays, game days and more.

Contact list

Text, call or email team members instantly via a mobile contact list that makes it easy to check on late employees and find fill-ins for sick ones.

Free mobile app

Give employees more control while giving managers greater efficiency. Our mobile app is all your team needs to manage schedules on the go.

Employee roster

Get an overall view of the day with roster reports that show you scheduled team members, shift times, roles, contact info and more.


Create and assign tasks to shifts and employees. Flexible technology lets corporate set standard checklists and managers add to them.

Roles and rights

Set permissions around who can view and manage what within your employee scheduling system, and configure at the corporate and store level.

Variance controls

Monitor how far above or below you are to set scheduling targets. Admin dashboards and alerts provide companywide visibility and compliance.

Admin dashboard

View a snapshot of all of new and important activity, action items and reports from from your learning management system admin dashboard.

By making schedules on paper spreadsheets, we always had mistakes, which was frustrating for our team members. It was also time consuming for our managers. Now, managers can crank out a schedule in 20 minutes and send it straight out to our teams via PeopleMatter's free mobile app or even by text. It's a win-win for everyone.

Kimberton Whole Foods

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