Everything our workforce management system does helps you run a more efficient, more profitable business.

Built for your business

Our software’s specifically built for service-industry businesses and managing all the things that make running one difficult — like hourly workers, multiple locations and razor-thin profit margins.

PeopleMatter has an understanding and focus on our industry that is unparalleled. Their full platform manages our specific workforce management needs.

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We’re the only workforce software built from the ground up as one complete system, so you can manage hiring, training, scheduling, HR and communication all from one centralized, organized place.

PeopleMatter is the only platform that manages all aspects of the employee life cycle. Employers are no longer tethered to inadequate point solutions or cobbled-together product suites.

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Easy and automated

We put a ton of thought into product design and experience for today’s typical service-industry worker and created mobile tools that are paperless, intuitive, and accessible 24/7.

Hiring managers give feedback on how much faster they are able to complete hiring. And our employees love being able to log in, rather than hunting down a book locked in an office.

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Awesome service

You’re not just looking for a product, you want a partner. We'll always provide friendly, fast support, because awesome customer service is as important to your team as it is to ours.

Lots of companies say they want your feedback and then it goes nowhere. At PeopleMatter, we’ve seen an incredible amount of responsiveness to suggestions we’ve made.

Wildflower Bread Company

Save Time

Organizations implementing a cloud-based workforce management system typically see a 144% return on investment within just nine months

Source: Forrester

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How we help you save time

PeopleMatter assessments have definitely improved our ability to screen the enormous number of applications we receive and identify those who are the best fit for the positions we have open.

Fiesta Mart

My favorite thing about PeopleMatter is being able to see all eight of my stores in two seconds. I know where employees are in the hiring process, how many jobs we’ve offered and if a schedule is posted ... even from my car or when I travel.

St. Joe Petroleum

Reduce Costs

Companies operating on low profit margins need to increase revenue by $100M to see the same bottom-line impact as a $5M cost savings.

Source: Aberdeen

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How we help you reduce costs

Our turnover has dropped from 85% to 67% ... I think a lot of that has to do with PeopleMatter, especially applicant fit.

Country Fair

With PeopleMatter, I can see which employee is always 10 minutes over and that we’re paying them an hour overtime. PeopleMatter helps me say to managers, “Here is what happened,” and then I can do corrective coaching.

St. Joe Petroleum

Decrease Risk

2 out of every 3 HR managers believe they lack the time and resources needed to adequately confront growing HR compliance challenges.

Source: ADP

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How we help you decrease risk

PeopleMatter software makes HR really straight forward. It makes a really definitive hiring practice possible. We don’t have to worry about whether we’ve gone through every process and form; there isn’t even a lingering question.
We hire managers who can run a store, but they don’t typically have an HR background. PeopleMatter helps our managers easily and efficiently hire the right people. We have cut the time spent on hiring in half, mostly in verification of paperwork.

Drive Customer Satisfaction

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits up to 125%.

Source: Gartner

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How we help you drive customer satisfaction

The time our managers have to spend on HR paperwork takes them away from their ultimate goal of creating lasting memories for our patrons. With PeopleMatter, they can get out of the office and in front of our valued customers.
PeopleMatter expanded our applicant pool extensively. With our increase in applications, PeopleMatter’s assessments help sort through candidates for the right fit. Now, our managers can focus on the business rather than on completing paperwork.

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Increase Revenue

Companies incorporating workforce management practices generate 26% higher revenue than those with no solutions

Source: Bersin

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How we help you increase revenue

We consistently ask ourselves how we can best support our restaurants ... The answer is simple, invest in our people. With PeopleMatter, our managers can quickly hire the best people and train them to be successful.

Del Taco

We were looking for a feature-rich product that still maintained ease of use. We found this in PeopleMatter and are excited about using these tools to continue building our team and to ensure the highest level of service.


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