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service-industry brands and hundreds of happy customers to prove it.

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Why do customers love PeopleMatter?

You need software that makes running your business easier, keeps you organized and compliant, and saves you a ton of time and money. Nobody does that better than PeopleMatter.

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PeopleMatter workforce solutions are the best workforce software for service-industry brands and hundreds of happy customers to prove it.
I have converted to two systems in the past five years … one took me two years to recover from, the other changed my life. PeopleMatter is the latter.
C&L Hospitality

Why we’re right for you


Your terms, structure, operations, employees and measures of success are completely different in the service industry … your software should be, too.

Configurable settings

Make our Platform yours with easy-to-update settings that let you control everything from how the system looks to what you call your employees.

Multiple locations

Multiple locations can multiply compliance and communication complexity. We ‘re made just for multi-location business management.

Product architecture

There’s a world of difference between making software work for you and software that’s made for you. We do the latter.

Cloud-based Platform

Access our workforce management platform anytime, anywhere via powerful cloud technology that’s convenient, secure and cost-efficient.

Hourly workers

You’ve got a lot of hourly employees. And they’re managed and motivated in completely different ways than white-collar workers. We get that.

Scalable solutions

We’ll grow with you. Whether you’re just starting out or getting ready to expand, we’ve got workforce solutions that’ve got you covered.

High employee turnover

Triple-digit turnover rates aren’t uncommon in your industry. Our software is specifically designed to help you find, engage and retain better people.

Mobile tools

Your on-the-go team needs on-the-go tools. Give employees and managers more control with mobile and online tools that can go anywhere they do.

Friendly support

Real people who are really helpful and really easy to get in touch with. From set up to product help, we’re here for everyone on your team.

All-in-one system

Get unmatched efficiency, visibility and compliance when everything you need to run your business is in one hire-to-retire system.

All the right features

More isn’t always better. Get all the tools you need to get your job done faster, without having to work around all the ones you don’t.


Workforce software that’s smart enough to do everything you need it to and still easy enough for everyone on your team to understand.

Company-wide visibility

Connected Platform technology shows you analytics, people and ROI at every level of your business, so you can see ways to run it better.

Your people matter

Your hourly employees interact directly with your customers. Our software gets that and makes sure you nail a great experience every time.

The time our managers have to spend on HR paperwork takes them away from their ultimate goal of creating lasting memories for our patrons. With PeopleMatter, they can get out of the office and in front of our valued customers.
Concentrics Restaurants

Real customer results

Better people

More revenue

Lower costs

100% compliance

Kimberton Whole Foods saw an 8x increase in the number of applicants it received.

We’re in it for the long run

Our entire team is committed to making sure everyone on yours is happy — from initial set up to ongoing support.



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Our PeopleMatter customers are more than just customers; they’re our long-term partners. Our entire team values customer relationships.

Your customer experience

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Product support

Customer advocacy

Lots of companies say that they want your feedback and then it goes nowhere. At PeopleMatter, our feedback has been taken incredibly seriously and we've seen an incredible amount of responsiveness to suggestions we've made in the system.
Wildflower Bread Company

We take your feedback seriously

We make it a point to check in with our customers regularly, really hear you out, then put that feedback back into our products.

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In PeopleMatter, we found a long-term partner whose brand and values mesh with our own. It’s a feature-rich, scalable solution that will grow and evolve as ‘wichcraft continues to expand.

Don’t take our word for it

Even more customer results

Lower turnover

Greater visibility

Higher efficiency

Happier customers

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