Fork & Knife

A custom career page fully integrated with PeopleMatter HIRE™ and Google Maps

Based in Charleston, SC, Fork & Knife is an interactive and creative marketing agency specializing in branding, identity, graphic design, web design and development. With a broad base of clients, they thrive on delivering top quality work and customer satisfaction from start to finish.

How it works

Our team of experts works with yours to create a careers page that looks and acts like your company website. Include all of the text, photos and videos you want, and change it up as often as you’d like. Your page includes full HIRE and Google Maps integration, so job seekers can view all of your locations or zero-in with a specific zip code, street or city search.

Potential team members can click to find out more about a particular position and to apply if it sounds right for them. Everything automatically syncs between HIRE and your careers page, so job seekers go directly into your online application in HIRE and you never have to make an update when you add a location, open new jobs, fill positions and more.

Our team of experts works with yours to create a careers page that looks and acts like your company website.

What you get

Customized design

The design matches your website and reflects your unique brand and culture

One-click application

The “Apply Now” button on every screen allows visitors to apply instantly online

Unlimited updates

Update photos, videos and your text whenever - at no extra charge

Interactive Google Maps

Google Maps allows applicants to explore your different locations or focus on openings at the location closest to them

Real-time job posting updates

Automatic job postings and descriptions, pulled directly from HIRE

Integration with HIRE

Integration with HIRE’s online job application and applicant tracking system

Using the Custom Careers Webpage

Because your Careers page is integrated with PeopleMatter HIRE, anytime you add a job, take one down, edit a description or add a store, your Careers page updates instantly.

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Custom Careers Webpage layouts

Standard Map Layout

Map layout that sorts by what you search on the map only.


Standard List Layout

Provides a list of all open positions with no sorting options. This version is best suited to companies that have fewer job listings. Options include the ability to add or remove the business name and/or city and state.


Table Layout with Sorting

Provides a list of all open positions with the ability to sort by both business and location. This layout works great for large companies with multiple businesses.


Map / Tab Layout

This layout provides another option for the map layout that eliminates all pop ups and displays the content in a tabbed format.


Tab Layout (No Map)

Provides a list of all open positions and eliminates all pop ups. The list is sorted alphabetically.



Download the details on Custom Careers Webpage



No problem. Fork & Knife will simply pull the HTML & CSS from your site. This information is available via public access. Then, they will add the career page content, designed to match your unique branding. We'll allow you to review and approve the design before we finalize it. Once approved, Fork & Knife will send a zip drive of all the files to your developers who can then add your new career page to your website.

Yes, however there are limitations to this option. We only recommend using an iFrame if your site does not have an editable backend and/or you do not have FTP access. However, for an iFrame to work, you will need to provide code access to your website. Additionally, the career page will still need to be hosted externally. Fork & Knife can host the page for $175 per year, or you are welcome to provide other external hosting.

We can accommodate this situation. Fork & Knife will build the career page separate from your website while still incorporating your branding and design. The page will be hosted by Fork & Knife on a sub-domain of your website.

Fork & Knife will need FTP access in order to upload the career page JavaScript and CSS files and on some occasions to also create a new template and page within your website.

If FTP access is not available, then we will need to explore using an iFrame or hosting the page externally as discussed above.

First, Fork & Knife will duplicate the WordPress page template that is best suited for your career page.

Next, all content for the selected page is copied to underneath the post to ensure that any additions to the WordPress editor for that page will show up above the career page content.

Finally, we link all new CSS and Javascript files for the career page to the WordPress header and/or footer to ensure that the career page files do not interfere with anything else on the site. The career page is coded to detect the PeopleMatter template and only activate the career page files so updates only affect the career page.

Yes. The site is initially created on a webpage that is not directly accessible through any links from your site. If the site is a Wordpress site, we mark the page as private so it is only visible to the admin. Once the site is approved, we push it live and create links and navigation to the site.

Yes, the page syncs automatically. There is no ongoing maintenance to manage the sync.

Yes, your career page will have a mobile responsive design, however, it is necessary for your website to also be responsive. If your existing website is not responsive, the career page won't be either as the shell of the site needs to be responsive.

Yes, however Fork & Knife will have to create 2 career pages, one for each website - your mobile website and your normal website.

A mobile site is a separate website that users are directed to when visiting from a mobile device. A responsive site is one site that adapts to the device on which it is being viewed. For more information view this blog post.

Yes, however there is some setup that needs to be completed in HIRE to facilitate this. Please notify us of this request at the onset of the project.