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July 24, 2015
A Preview of Our Upcoming Performance Management Webinar

Most of us aren’t in school anymore, but it sure feels like it. The looming outcome of performance reviews seem eerily familiar to report cards, where your fate rested in the hands of a single teacher.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 90 percent of companies conduct formal performance reviews on an annual basis, and 95% of managers aren't satisfied with the process.

However, performance management these days is much more complicated than a single manager...

July 13, 2015

Jay Nathan, the VP of Customer Success at PeopleMatter, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his insight on the intersection of sales, marketing, and technology. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner, explores a variety of business and technology...

July 13, 2015

With more than 900 nominations, had a tough time selecting the top brands in today’s growing fast casual industry. The list of 100 'Movers & Shakers' was comprised of the top 75 fast casual concepts in the industry, top five technology trends, top 10 marketing campaigns, and top 10 menu trends.

We're proud to say that 14 of the 75 fast casual brands highlighted on the list use the PeopleMatter Platform™ ... and one of them even got a high five for their exciting...

July 01, 2015
A Preview of Our Upcoming Background Checks Webinar


Pre-employment background checks seem like a no brainer. They reduce turnover, cut down on employee theft and create safer workplaces, which ultimately saves your company money. So why are some companies so hesitant to run them?

Background checks seem like the obvious precautionary measure to protect your company. Unfortunately, it’s much more complicated than that. It’s important for your company to stay compliant so that you can avoid class action lawsuits and hefty...

June 30, 2015


Some people blame it on the Summer Slump and others simply call it laziness. Either way, employee engagement tends to slide during the summer months. Co-workers are on vacation, temperatures are rising, and antsiness kicks in as employees dream of the beach instead of their desks.

Although we tend to notice the decline in engagement during the summer months, employee engagement is a year-round issue.

According to a...

June 23, 2015


TA Expert Interview Series: PeopleMatter Collaborate 2015 Mashup

The PeopleMatter Collaborate ’15 conference brought together industry leaders in the human resources and HR technology fields from May 4-6 in Charleston, SC. The TA Expert Interview Series, hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Clark Buckner, was on-site at the event, interviewing attendees,...

June 23, 2015
By Jessica Brigham


We love our perks here at PeopleMatter. From enjoying free beer on the rooftop patio to unlimited vacation time, we know we’re pretty spoiled. The only ones who might enjoy our benefits more than us are the four-legged friends we get to bring to the office. After all, DogsMatter too. Allowing dogs in the office is an increasingly popular perk offered by many creative firms in today’s workforce.

Whether they’re trying to find out who gives the best belly rub or they’re...

June 22, 2015


During PeopleMatter’s Collaborate ’15 conference, Kevin Kruse, President at Kruse Group, was a guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share his insight on employee engagement. Kevin Kruse discussed motivating employees, fast moving work environments, career...

June 22, 2015

Andrea Ehresman, Senior Manager of National Foodservice Strategy & Development at The Coca-Cola Company, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series to share her experience about PeopleMatter’s...

June 18, 2015
How appealing to your millennial employees through technology can help propel your business into the future. It’s time for a tech upgrade.

The millennial workforce is here. Do you envision them fiddling with their phones, demanding high salaries, or storming through the office doors each morning with a big and entitled chip on their shoulders? What’s the cliché image of millennials in the workplace that pops in your head? By 2020, millennials, a demographic born between 1980 and 2000, will form 50 percent of the global workforce. Are you ready?

Millennials get a bad rap. In fact, this group might not be as superficial as...