Background Checks in PeopleMatter HIRE™

Quickly and easily identify trustworthy candidates with background checks

Employer workflow

1. Configure job application

2. Make applicant a candidate

3. Run background check

4. Review results

Applicant workflow

1. Complete job application

2. Give background check consent

3. Provide additional information

4. Proceed or discontinue hiring process

Types of Background Checks

Criminal history

Searches county, state, national and/or federal databases for criminal cases, their current status and final outcomes where

Sex offender

Identifies sex offenders and other violent criminals prior to hire

Social security trace

Verifies the identity of a candidate by tracing a 7-10 year history of past and present addresses associated with the SSN applicable

Terrorist Watch List

Checks a watchlist for those engaged in terrorist activity, drug trafficking and threats to national security, foreign policy and the economy

Employment verification

Conducts interviews with past employers and supervisors to obtain comprehensive employee verification and assessment of work history

Education verification

Verifies dates of attendance, course or study and degrees; may include GED, high school diploma, college or advanced degrees

Professional license verification

Confirms a growing list of verifications, including: MD, RN, LPN, CPA, JD, stockbroker, teacher, stationary engineer, pilot and more

Motor vehicle

Indicates the status of an operator’s restrictions, expiration date, license type and class, suspensions, violations, accidents and DUIs

Drug screening

Tests for the presence of drugs in a person’s system; a network of 12,000+ collection sites make screening convenient for applicants

Seamless process

Background checks automatically sync to candidates’ profiles with QuickView icons and detailed reports.

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Embedded into the job application

Candidates give background check consent right from our online job application, so managers can collect data quickly and easily.


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Candidates agree to background checks and managers get the results, all within PeopleMatter HIRE™, making the process easy from start to finish.

Pay for what you use

Pay only for what you need by designating which jobs require a background check prior to hire – and which ones don’t.


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Save time and money by only running – and paying for – the background checks for designated positions.

Different packages for different needs

Get as little or as much info as you want by choosing from tiered packages, including drug and criminal background checks.


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Choose from tiered background checks that screen for as much or as little info as you want, including drug testing, criminal, motor vehicle, SSN reports and more.

Configurable roles and rights

Configure admin roles and rights to view background checks and advance or reject candidates, based on their screening result.


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Configure admin roles and rights for viewing and accessibility rights, so hiring managers can review the results of background checks quickly and easily.

Industry-specific screening

Get the most for your money with background checks that are specific to service-industry positions like cashiers and managers.


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Select ideal candidates and confirm their qualifications with industry-specific background checks.

Screen for DUI convictions

Some states don’t list DUI convictions on criminal court records, heightening the need for motor vehicle background checks.


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Some states don’t list  DUI convictions on criminal court records, heightening the need for MVR background checks.

Mix-and-match background checks

Add a drug test or motor vehicle report to any of seven comprehensive packages to fit your specific background check needs.


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Add drug tests or motor vehicle background checks to any of seven comprehensive packages to fit your specific screening needs.

Standard background check packages

Three standard packages – basic, intermediate and managerial – allow you to quickly and easily choose your degree of screening.


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Three standard background checks – basic, intermediate and managerial – allow you to quickly and easily choose your degree of screening.

Proven Results

Comprehensive screening options

Configurable & fully integrated

Quick & trustworthy results

Easy-to-read reports

Read more about our background check providers

What You Get in PeopleMatter HIRE™

Mobile job application

Get more applicants and more productivity from managers with a completely configurable—and conveniently mobile—online job application.

Applicant tracking system

Hire the best candidates faster, without wasting time and money on everyone else, with powerful, configurable software.


Complete, track and store onboarding paperwork and to-dos online. Built-in tools make sure everyone's organized and compliant.

I-9 verification

Ensure 100% compliance across all of your locations with easy, automated I-9 and E-Verify tools for hiring managers and new hires.

Job boards

Post openings everywhere from CareerBuilder to Monster to Indeed instantly, thanks to our seamless job board integration.

Business analytics

Get visibility into how hiring is really going, in real time, at every level of your business, by running unlimited, configurable reports.


Pre-screen and benchmark applicants with easy, built-in tests scientifically proven to find right-fit hires for specific jobs in your industry.

Background checks

Get consent, run a check and control who can view results — on everything from criminal history to drug history — all within one system.

Tax credits

Make sure you get all of the money you’ve earned with online tax credit tools that make the entire process painless and paperless.

Document storage

Automate paperwork and worries. Important docs and edits automatically store to a secure online library for better compliance.


Find exactly who you need with powerful filtering and search features that let you sort by name, status, screening result and more.


Access important applicant paperwork and info from a single record that auto-stores, compiles and organizes across all locations.

Cross-location sharing

Share applicants and their WorkFile™ records with other managers, departments and locations, so you never miss out on great hires.

Alerts and notifications

Send and receive real-time alerts and notifications on everything from new applications received to overdue tasks.

Configurable settings

Customize HIRE with settings that let you add application questions, create special workflows, brand with your logo and colors, and more.

Hiring communication

Keep applicants, new hires and managers in the loop, in real time, through the whole hiring process via text, email, mobile app and more.

Facebook app

Turn Facebook fans into hires with our Join Our Team App. Visitors can view all openings and apply instantly, right from your page.


Sign and store documents electronically for fast completion and access. e-Signatures keep your hiring and HR forms organized and compliant.

Custom careers webpage

Create a custom careers page for your website, and increase applicant volume without increasing your workload.

Task checklists

Keep new hires and hiring managers on top of to-dos and deadlines with task checklists for hiring and onboarding.


Verify new hires instantly. Our hiring software fully integrates the federal E-Verify system for 100% compliance and easy case tracking.

Drug screening

Run drug tests on all new hires or just for specific roles, with smart, configurable screening tools for employees and managers.


Compare candidates’ assessment results against industry, role and company standards in free, easy-to-understand benchmark reports.

Email templates

Send automatic emails using our standard, pre-loaded templates in HIRE, or create your own and share them companywide.

Admin dashboard

View a snapshot of all of new and important hiring-related activity, action items and reports from from an easy-to-use HIRE dashboard.

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