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A powerful and complete workforce management platform

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What You Get In The PeopleMatter Platform™


View and update employee data and paperwork within one, organized online WorkFile. It’s a better, easier, completely paperless HRIS.

Cloud technology

Access your workforce management platform anytime, anywhere via cloud technology that's convenient, secure and cost-efficient.

Business analytics

Run unlimited real-time reports on every facet of your business. Smart analytics software offers company-wide visibility and efficiency.

Cross-location sharing

Share people and data companywide. Centralized software optimizes workforce management, from filling jobs to shifts.

Admin dashboard

See all new and important activity, to-dos, and reports at a glance from a real-time workforce management platform admin dashboard.

Configurable settings

Control everything from how the system looks to how it works. Company settings are easy to set up and update, online and on your own.

Employee levels

Assign levels to each employee to help balance shifts and target training. Create your own classification and as many levels as you need.

Pay rates and ranges

Control pay rates and ranges online, all from our workforce management platform that integrates with your payroll system.

Roles and rights

Set and manage job roles and permissions companywide or by specific filters. Automatic controls keep everyone focused and in check.


Transfer team members to other stores — and all of their info and paperwork — quickly, easily and online, right from their WorkFile™.


Offboard employees with separation workflows and checklists that ensure companywide consistency and process compliance.


Bring former employees back on board quickly. Smart workforce solutions recognize re-hires to save you tons of time and keep you compliant.

Digital assistant

Call D, our voice-controlled digital assistant, to check messages and and manage schedules via mobile, without needing hands or a smartphone.

Alerts and notifications

Send and receive real-time communications to ensure admins, managers, and team members are always up-to-date and compliant.


View employee availability across all jobs and locations. WorkFiles™ auto-pull availability from the job application and let you edit anytime.

System integration

Connect your other systems — like payroll, T&A and POS — to ours for better efficiency, less re-keying and complete visibility.

Company newsfeed

Post updates, shout-outs and important reminders to a Facebook-like Newsfeed to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Contact list

Text, call or email team members via a mobile contact list that makes it easy to find who you need, whether you’re in the store or on the go.


Sign and store documents electronically for fast completion and retrieval. e-Signatures keep HR forms and paperwork organized and compliant.

Open API

Add your own features to our workforce management platform. Open APIs give you the flexibility to build-in even more cool stuff.

Free mobile app

Get in touch with a tech-savvy team while keeping them in the loop. Our free app makes work mobile for managers and employees.

Quarterly updates

Get new features every quarter, without having to download or pay for a thing. We’ll update automatically, just like your favorite mobile app.

Document storage

Get rid of paperwork and worries. Documents and edits auto-store to a secure online library for companywide compliance and accessibility.


Find exactly who and what you need. Powerful filtering and search features look across your entire workforce management platform.


Keep your on-the-go team in the loop and engaged via six easy ways to communicate, including via email, text and mobile app.

Friendly support

Ask us anything, anytime. Our bilingual support team is here to make sure everyone on yours is happy — from set up to ongoing support.

Workforce software built just for you

We understand your business — how it works, what works and your workforce — and design our software around your specific needs.



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PeopleMatter’s Workforce Management Platform understands service-industry businesses — how they work, what works and their workforces — and is designed around these specific and unique workforce management needs.

All-in-one system

Control all of your hiring, training and scheduling from one fully integrated workforce management platform.



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All-In-One Workforce Management Platform from PeopleMatter

Easy-to-use tools

Workforce software that’s smart enough to do everything you need it to and still easy enough for everyone to understand.



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PeopleMatter’s Workforce Management Platform is smart enough to do everything you need it to and still easy enough for everyone to understand how its workforce solutions work.
PeopleMatter has an understanding and focus on our industry that is unparalleled. Their full platform manages our specific talent management needs. PeopleMatter is easy for all of our managers, employees and applicants to use. Our partnership simply makes sense.
Ryan Broyles, President and CEO

Proven Platform results

Better efficiency

Higher retention

Greater compliance

Happier customers

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Paperless paperwork

Complete and store documents, forms, and to-dos online with smart workforce tools that automate and organize it all.



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PeopleMatter’s workforce management Platform allows you to complete and store documents, forms, and to-dos online with smart workforce solutions that automate and organize it all.

24/7 accessibility and convenience

Mobile workforce solutions mean team members, managers and admins can access everything they need everywhere they go.



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PeopleMatter’s workforce management platform offers mobile workforce solutions and an online workforce management software system that employees, managers and admin can access 24/7.

Better people lead to happier customers

Find great employees and ways to maximize them with workforce software that helps you nail awesome service every time.



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PeopleMatter’s workforce management platform finds great employees and ways to maximize them with workforce software that helps businesses nail an awesome customer experience every time.
Our managers previously lost valuable time with our customers, because they were in the office managing multiple paper-based systems. With PeopleMatter, our team can spend more time focusing on providing an exceptional customer experience.
Niklas Plath, Chief Risk Officer

Visibility across all your locations and systems

Connected Platform technology shows you analytics, people and ROI at every level of your business, so you see ways to run it better.

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Multi-location management

View, manage and communicate with all of your locations at once, from one centralized platform built just for that.

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My favorite thing about PeopleMatter is being able to see all eight of my stores in two seconds. I know where employees are in the hiring process, how many jobs we’ve offered and if a schedule is posted. It’s about being able to see the people side of my business — even from my car or when I travel.
Matt Flynn, Director of Retail Operations

Workforce solutions that grow with you

Whether you’re just starting out or getting ready to expand, our scalable workforce management platform has you covered.

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Fast implementation and friendly support

Our Customer Experience team is committed to making sure everyone on yours is happy — from system set up to ongoing support.



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PeopleMatter’s workforce management platform isn’t just workforce solutions; our total workforce management system includes exceptional customer service — from setting up your workforce management platform to offering ongoing support for all your workforce software questions.
In PeopleMatter, we found a long-term partner whose brand and values mesh with our own. It’s a feature-rich, scalable solution that will grow and evolve as ‘wichcraft continues to expand.
Jeffrey Zurofsky, President and CEO

Don’t take our word for it

PeopleMatter is really geared toward our employee base. It is simple to use and puts the ability to update policies and procedures in-system back in our hands.
Alison Meadows, VP of HR

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